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Build and manage ads with Pinterest API

Complete Pinterest ad campaign management

People on Pinterest love shopping. In fact, compared to other social media sites, Pinterest shoppers are 1.6x more likely to feel excited about shopping / browsing on Pinterest.* The Pinterest API for Ads includes a complete suite of ads management features that allow you to reach these high intent shoppers. These publicly available API features allow any approved developer to directly integrate with Pinterest to setup, run, edit, and manage Pinterest ad campaigns on external platforms — all with automation and scale. Integrate with the Pinterest API to use Pinterest’s self-service Ads Manager features within your own software, including:
  • Campaign management
  • Audience & targeting capabilities
  • Bulk ads management
  • Keyword targeting
  • Ads analytics
  • Tags and audience insights
  • Carousel ads
  • Domain catalog
*Source: Talk Shoppe, US, Retail shopping decisions among Pinners and non-Pinners, August 2022

Resources and documentation

Pinterest API for Ads documentation

Developer documentation to set up and run ads on Pinterest via API.

Ads analytics documentation

Guide to help you understand how to pull over 90+ metrics for Pins and ads.

Ads enums shortcuts

List of 30+ ads enums to use when calling or receiving values from API calls.

Success Story: Visit California

Learn more about how Visit California used Pinterest API to create personalized ads for Pinners.

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