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Manage your product inventory on Pinterest

Upload, update, and manage your products

It can be difficult to manage your product catalog feed on multiple platforms. Yet, when you upload your products to Pinterest, you can get 5x more impressions than businesses who don’t* — at no cost. The Pinterest API for Shopping includes features  that help you upload & maintain your product catalogs. Businesses have been most excited about benefits that include:
  • Improving the quality of data
  • Real time updates on their metadata (vs. 24-48 hours using feed ingestion)
  • Ability to utilize features like bulk product groups to scale shopping ads
  • Higher checkout propensity and average checkout volume (compared to non-API products)
*Source: Pinterest internal data, US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR, IT, ES, MX, BR, NL, Dec 2021, Verified retailers vs. allowed retailers.

Resources and documentation

Shoppers on Pinterest

Pinterest is where people find their favorite products. When they find something they love, they’re willing to pay more. Learn about super shoppers and shopping products for businesses on Pinterest.

Catalogs API reference

Developer documentation to implement catalog feeds, products, and product groups.

Developer documentation for shopping

Overview on how to get started with multiple Pinterest API for Shopping features.

Managing your inventory in bulk

How to use batch requests to update the attributes of single items or groups of items in your product catalog.

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