Get the most clicked Pins

GET /v3/domains/<domain>/pins/top/clicks/

This API call returns the list of Pins from the domain ordered by click count value over a specified period of time (daily, weekly or bi-weekly). This endpoint returns up to 1,000 Pins. So, if the aggregation value is set to "weekly", then the API returns the most-clicked Pins for the past week on the specified domain. This endpoint is bookmarked, and each bookmark returns up to 100 Pins. The bookmark value returned in the response body allows you to page through to the next set of Pins.


Name Description Type Required?
domain The domain name to query. The calling client must be authorized to view this domain
A valid domain name Yes
end_date The end of the period to show pins for.
A date string in the format YYYY-mm-dd Yes
aggregation The time period over which to aggregate data.
Can be one of the following values:
biweekly, daily, weekly
str No
bookmark A valid bookmark string if present
Bookmark No